Harford County Executive Briefs Prescription Drug Affordability Board

As part of their statewide community listening tour, the Prescription Drug Affordability Board heard from Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and community members about the impacts of drug costs. 

The Prescription Drug Affordability Board was created to review and make recommendations on the rising costs of prescription drugs. As part of their work, they have been meeting with communities across the state to hear and discuss the local impacts of rising drug costs. Most recently, they held a virtual meeting for Harford County residents.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, who has been a key supporter of creating the board, discussed how prescription drug costs increase each year for county employees and retirees, including a average increase of 12.2 percent last year.

“We’re thrilled that County Executive Glassman has provided such wonderful information that convinced the legislature to enact this law, and also that the board can use to see how high cost drugs are affecting and hurting county governments, but we need to hear from individuals like yourselves,” Vincent DeMarco, president of the nonprofit Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, told meeting participants.

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