Incumbents Meffley & Gregory Retain Seats on Cecil County Council

Bob Meffley
Bob Meffley
Jackie Gregory

Cecil County Council incumbents Bob Meffley (District 1) and Jackie Gregory (District 5) were both uncontested in the general election and will retain their seats.

According to unofficial results, Republicans Bob Meffley and Jackie Gregory won their uncontested races Tuesday. They will continue to serve with fellow Council Members Bill Coutz, Al Miller, and George Patchell on the County Council. Excluding provisional votes, Meffley has an initial tally of 30,454 votes. Gregory has 29,857 votes. Both candidates received over 97% of the general election vote for their respective seats.

Vote totals and percentages in this article are based on unofficial results of the Maryland State Board of Elections as of 12:55 pm Wednesday. Official results will follow. Readers are advised that unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead and official results will follow after a full accounting of pending ballots. To view the most up-to-date unofficial results, visit the State Board of Elections website.

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