State Announces Plans for Future Coronavirus Vaccine Distributions

In preparation for a coronavirus vaccine, state health officials have released a two-phase plan for distribution once a vaccine is available. 

Under the plan, the vaccine would initially be distributed to hospitals, nursing homes, and local health departments to vaccinate certain particularly vulnerable individuals. The general population would receive the second phase of vaccinations when the vaccine is more readily available.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

The plan says that “final decisions are still being made” about exactly who would be eligible first for a vaccine. But it identifies candidates to include: health care workers who treat coronavirus patients; essential workers in public safety, education and nursing homes; people at risk of complications due to age or medical conditions; workers and residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities; and staff and inmates of prisons and jails.

The second phase, when more doses are available, would target the general population. The state is recruiting doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers to give those doses to people.

For more information:

Maryland plans 2-phase distribution plan for coronavirus vaccine once it’s available (The Baltimore Sun)