LGIT Annual Meeting to Feature Academy Courses on Risk Management, Team Building, and HR/Legal Issues

The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) Annual Meeting will be a virtual event this year, featuring two days of important foundational learning for all local government officials and professionals.

Don’t miss LGIT’s Annual Meeting, October 22 and 23! Registration is free and sessions will focus on important topics that get right to the heart of leadership today. In addition to a business meeting for LGIT members, the agenda includes “Winning Through Empathy Based Listening” with Guest Speaker Eric Maddox, along with updates from LGIT Health about new healthcare program offerings.

Two Academy for Excellence in Local Governance core courses will be offered: “Basics of Risk Management,” and “Consensus and Team Building.” An Academy Elective course is also scheduled and will focus on HR and legal issue updates. The full agenda is available online.

Registration is free, but required and TODAY, Oct 19, is the deadline to register. REGISTER ONLINE.

LGIT is a member-owned association authorized by state law, wholly owned and managed by its local government members. The Trust’s main purpose is to provide joint self-insurance programs or pools for towns, cities and counties in the State of Maryland. The concept is simple – rather than paying premiums to buy insurance from an insurance company, local governments contribute those premiums into a jointly owned fund. The money in that fund is used to pay for the members’ claims, losses and expenses.