Howard County Exec. Announces $1.5M in Nonprofit Grants

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball presented 16 human services nonprofits with grants from Howard County’s Rise to the Challenge fund. Rise to the Challenge grants are funded through the CARES Act.

From Howard County’s website:

“Howard County’s vibrant nonprofit organizations continue to give me hope – they show us every day that if we work together, we can tackle any obstacle. For many of the nonprofit organizations that provide vital services to our community, COVID has depleted their ability to fundraise – and forced needed in-person services online or to the sidelines,” said Ball. “Nonprofit staff and their organizations are known for being able to stretch every dollar and make it count – even in the best economic times. However, in times like these, when we are asking them, counting on them to do more with less, they need our help too. And that’s why we’re here today, to recognize these innovative non-profits who provide jobs, value, and support to our community, and ensure that they too are able to survive.”

This latest round of grants builds upon significant relief funding for many business sectors in Howard County. Through the HoCo RISE Business Grant program, County Executive Ball provided 650 grants totaling $1.6 million to locally-owned small retailers, provided grants to 45 local farms, and granted 148 restaurants more than $370,000. The business grants also supported 20 local hotels and provided $610,000 to 244 local childcare establishments. Additionally, $750,000 was granted to the Howard County arts community and live venues.

Rise to the Challenge grants will be presented to a total of 40 Howard County nonprofits in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit Howard County’s website.