Why Work from Home, When You Could Work from the Hyatt?? Remote Work Getaways and More

MACo’s partner, the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort in Cambridge, MD, is offering several packages to help you work from home or meet in small groups safely and in style.

The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort offers safe, fun, and functional space for a remote work/learning getaway!

In addition to staying safe, remote work and school offers the benefit of being portable. You can work remotely and kids can learn remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Hyatt chain of hotels – and specifically the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort in Cambridge, MD – is offering several promotions right now to allow you to take advantage of a change of scenery and conduct business or learn while in one of their safe, clean, socially distanced venues.

Check out the packages below for more details – some benefits are highlighted, but all three packages have a list of inclusions you should review!