City Council Considers Pair of Bills to Protect Residents’ Housing Security

House and CalculatorThe bills before the Baltimore City Council would create an independent agency for a housing voucher program and restrict tax sales for certain individuals. 

The bills sponsored by Council Member Ryan Dorsey and Council Member Danille McCray are intended to help vulnerable City residents. McCray’s bill would prohibit tax sales on homes owned by the elderly, low-income or disabled. Dorsey’s bill would create a voucher program administerd by a proposed new independent agency, the “Office on Ending Homelessness,” to help those who are low-income or homeless transition into permanent housing.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

She [McCray] said this bill — made possible through legislation at the state level in 2019 — would exempt from the tax sale the homes of owners over age 65 or receiving federal disability benefits. Also protected would be households with a combined income of less than $40,000.

It [Dorsey’s bill] aims to use more than $1 million from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund each year to pay for a locally funded housing voucher program for those who make up to 30% of the area’s median income and are looking to transition from supportive housing. It would help roughly 100 families, with a goal of expanding the pot of money over time.

For more information:

Baltimore considers bills on new homelessness agency, protecting homes of older and disabled owners from tax sale (The Baltimore Sun)