Some States Limit COVID-19 Testing to Temper Long Wait Times

corona-5174671_1920 - pixabay - 7.21.20Waits of up to 14 days for COVID-19 test results force some states to limit testing in an effort to reduce wait times. 

According to experts the ideal COVID-19 test result turnaround time to stop the spread of the disease is 24-48 days. Unfortunately, the labs that process the tests can’t keep up with the rate of testing resulting in the average turnaround time for results is now four days with it taking as long as two weeks for results in some areas.

From Route Fifty:

As a result, some states are starting to limit the number of tests they conduct to give labs a chance to catch up on their backlogs and deliver results quickly enough for health departments to tell people to quarantine and to trace their contacts.

“There’s no real value in testing if you’re not getting results in a timely manner to take action. If you’re potentially exposed, you need to stay home. The only way we’re going to get out of this with the shortages we’re seeing goes back to individual behaviors — masks, hand hygiene and not going to large gatherings.”

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To Speed Up Results, States Limit COVID-19 Testing (Route Fifty)