Elrich Nominates Madaleno to Serve as Montgomery Chief Administrative Officer

montgomery-co-MD-sealMontgomery County Executive Marc Elrich today announced that he will nominate Richard Madaleno as the Montgomery County Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Madaleno’s nomination follows the resignation of Andrew Kleine, who has served a CAO for the first 20 months of the Elrich Administration.

County Executive Elrich expressed appreciation for Kleine’s many contributions to the County Government. “During his time as CAO, Andrew Kleine led the County Government’s effort to reorganize services ranging from public safety to technology services,” said Elrich.

“He championed a Turn the Curve initiative to empower County employees to rethink and improve the delivery of services to our million-plus residents. Over the past five months, he has played a critical role in our community’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. I thank him for his many contributions and wish him well in future endeavors.”

Madaleno, who is serving as the director of the Office of Management and Budget, is a lifelong Montgomery County resident.  He has spent his career serving County constituents in leadership roles in state and local government.

Madaleno served from 2003-2007 in the Maryland House of Delegates and from 2007 to 2019 as a State Senator representing District 18. He previously worked for the Montgomery County Office of Intergovernmental Relations as a fiscal analyst and the Maryland Department of Legislative Services as a budget analyst.

“Rich is trusted by community groups and policymakers throughout the County and  State for his leadership skills and budgeting acumen, which will serve the County well as we face the most significant challenges of our generation,” said County Executive Elrich. “I am confident that his experience and expertise will help my administration deliver on my promise to build a healthy, well-functioning, innovative, equitable, and inclusive community for all of our residents.”

Madaleno will begin serving as acting CAO on August 16. The nomination must be approved by the Montgomery County Council, which is scheduled to reconvene in September.

Visit the Montgomery County website for more information.