Nationwide Survey Finds One-Third of Renters Unable to Pay August Rent

Housing UncertaintyU.S. Census Bureau survey shows renters continue to struggle under financial uncertainty as the federal eviction moratorium and boost of unemployment benefits end. 

The troubling figures on rent instability and financial anxiety came from the Household Pulse Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. The survey polled people weekly over the past 90 days about their financial, physical, and mental health well being.

Bloomberg City Lab reports:

An estimated 27% of adults in the U.S. missed their rent or mortgage payment for July, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau weekly over the last three months. Among renters alone, just over one-third (34%) said during the waning days of July that they had little to no confidence that they could make their August rent payment, a stark measure of the ongoing economic devastation for households stretched to the brink by coronavirus pandemic.

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One-Third of American Renters Expected to Miss Their August Payment (Bloomberg City Lab)