Planning Releases New Tools and Guidelines for Housing Element Development

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) has published new models and guidelines for housing elements in comprehensive plans.

The new website includes data, best practices, and other useful resources for planning departments. MDP began the work to create the website and compile important resources after the passage of HB 1045 (2019) that requires jurisdictions include a housing element that addresses the need for affordable housing including workforce and low-income housing. During the 2020 Session the House of Delegates passed legislation that would add “middle housing.” The bill did not make it through the Senate likely due to Session ending abruptly.

“Safe and affordable housing is a foundation of Maryland’s communities and economy, supporting a ready workforce, and ensuring a high quality of life,” said Planning Secretary Rob McCord. “We are excited to assist local jurisdictions with a variety of resources and data to utilize in their planning for local housing needs.”

The new M&G webpage includes the following valuable tools:
• Rationale for Housing Planning
• Housing Data Dashboard (see below)
• Filterable Affordable Housing Resource List
• Local Housing Self-assessments
• Model Housing Element Development Process
• Description of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Area Median Income (AMI) Data
• Common Practices
• Example Goals, Objectives, and Strategies
The Housing Data Dashboard consolidates American Community Survey (ACS) and HUD AMI data into an easy to use mapping interface.

Visit the new website.