Anne Arundel Takes Planning and Zoning Meetings Online

Anne Arundel County is launching new additions to its planning and zoning website to allow for virtual public meetings with added public participation.

Community meetings are a required step in development project reviews. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many public meetings have been forced to move to an online format. Jurisdictions have had to make adjustments to conduct normal business, and with the return of in person meetings seemingly a long way off, Anne Arundel decided to facilitate public community meetings online and allow applicants to upload their documents to the website.

The public meetings will be recorded and posted on the website giving those that missed the meeting the ability to view it later and submit comments for up to two weeks afterwards. The website will add planning tools such as drawings and maps that were not previously posted.

From coverage in the Capital Gazette:

Johnston [Environmental Policy Director Matt Johnston] said his agency is hoping the virtual meetings and webpage are successful and improve public participation — a person who couldn’t be at a specific location at a specific time can still see the meeting and comment afterward. He said they are also looking for feedback on the new webpage.

Visit the webpage.

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