Howard County Concerned With Increased Opioid Deaths Amidst Pandemic

pills-824994_1920 - pixabay - 4.16.20Howard sees 10% increase in fatal overdoses mirroring a national trend during coronavirus pandemic. 

An increase in overdoses suggests measures to stem COVID-19 have amplified the risk factors for opioid overdoses. The county continues to work towards bringing a residential treatment center and creating a continuum of care for substance use disorder treatment.

As announced in a news release:

Though Howard County has seen a 27% decrease in nonfatal overdoses in 2020 compared to this time last year, there has also been a 10% increase in fatal overdoses compared to the previous year. Howard County’s numbers are a part of a larger trend nationally and across jurisdictions suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic increases risk factors for people with substance use disorders. County Executive Calvin Ball continues to work towards creating a continuum of care for those with substance use disorders, allocating $750,000 in his FY21 operating budget to bring a residential treatment facility to Howard County.

For more information:

Howard County Notes Concerning Opioid Trend (Howard County News Release)