Chicago to Require EV Charge Capability for New Buildings

Certain new buildings in Chicago will now have to be electric vehicle (EV) charge ready.

Chicago has passed an ordinance that requires all new construction with 30 or more parking spaces or 5 or more units to have 20 percent of their parking spaces EV charge ready. According to a press release from the City, by 2040, 55% of new car sales will be EV. Retrofitting parking areas with EV charging infrastructure is significantly more expensive than installing it during the initial construction. Chicago’s Mayor and City Council see the EV charging capability mandate as a step towards their ambitious greenhouse reduction and clean energy goals.

From the press release:

“As the cost of EV’s decline and concerns about climate change escalate, analysts forecast exponential growth in EV’s over the next two decades, and Chicago must be ready,” said 42ndWard Ald. Brendan Reilly, chief sponsor of the measure. “Readiness starts by ensuring our municipal code anticipates the need for electrical charging resources that will optimize the performance our transportation network and minimize costs for electricity consumers, as EV’s proliferate.”

Chicago Mayor Press Release 

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