Join Virtual Tech Panel on Government Social Safety Nets

Code for America will host a virtual panel, “Delivering a Human-Centered Social Safety Net In a Time of Crisis,” on Thursday, April 23.

The event will focus on how government agencies are working to modernize the social safety net during the COVID-19 crisis and the importance of a human-centered approach to the crisis.

From Code for America:

Our participants from state government, policy, consulting, and Code for America, will discuss these topics and more:

~How government teams are putting benefits recipients first and empowering frontline workers for action.
~Practical advice for all levels of government and the organizations that work closely with them, from operations to digital tools to policy advocacy.
~How Code for America’s real-time SNAP application data provides evidence that can inform substantive policy changes, and how operational data helps change processes to improve continuously in a time of crisis.
~How past experience improving safety net outcomes and efficiency can be applied today.
~How partnerships and collaboration can best serve governments and organizations in this moment.

Panelists include Tracey Patterson, Senior Director, Social Safety Net, Code for America; Leo Ribas, Partner, Change and Innovation Agency; Robert Thompson, Deputy Administrator, Nevada Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Welfare and Supportive Services; and Jennifer Wagner, Senior Policy Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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