Network Connects Neighbors to Neighbors and to Mental Health Services for Support During Crisis

Telephone - icons-1831922_1280 - Pixabay - 4.13.20Newly formed Baltimore Neighbors Network (BNN) hopes to provide community members with mental health counseling and peer-to-peer support during coronavirus pandemic. 

The Baltimore Neighbors Network is the brainchild of a coalition of community organizations including the Mental Health Association of Maryland, Pro Bono Counseling, Baltimore City Office on Aging, and Baltimore Councilmembers Zeke Cohen and Kristerfer Burnett. The goal of the network is to proactively reach out to neighbors to help address the mental health issues brought on or exasperated by the isolation and loneliness associated with the coronavirus.

The Baltimore Times reports: 

The network, which hopes to reach as many as 85,000 community members over the next six months, will enlist neighbor volunteers, mental-health ambassadors, and pro bono clinicians to address the epidemic of loneliness and isolation created by COVID-19.

To help those with mental health concerns, volunteers will make calls to offer support, assess wellbeing, and create critical connections.

The article notes that the network will not only help provide peer-to-peer support and check-ins but will also provide a platform for connecting people in need of additional services with the appropriate clinical help.

For more information:

Neighbors Network Formed To Help Mental Health Community During Pandemic (The Baltimore Times)