Bay Bridge Construction Completed Ahead of Schedule

Today, Governor Hogan announced over a year ahead of schedule, the Bay Bridge westbound right lane deck rehabilitation project is complete and open to all drivers.

The rehabilitation project started in September of last year and was originally scheduled to take two years to complete. After extremely long backups last fall, Hogan ordered steps be taken for the project to be accelerated.

From Governor Hogan’s Press Release:

“Maryland is facing significant challenges these days, and of course our primary focus is on the health and safety of our citizens amid the ongoing COVID-19 threat,” said Governor Hogan. “But it’s important to celebrate the reopening of the westbound right lane of the Bay Bridge, because for me it represents the spirit, dedication and work ethic that will see our state through any crisis.”

“This project was envisioned as taking two construction seasons to complete. But our dedicated employees and contractors, working to serve their neighbors and all those who use this bridge, have completed it in just over seven months – record time by any measure,” Governor Hogan added. “The men and women who have accomplished this task inspire me, and will forever have my appreciation. They give all of us confidence that Maryland can and will emerge from any challenge faster and stronger than anyone can imagine.”

The Governor also reported that although the right lane is reopened, some work will still occur during off-peak hours. MDTA Executive Director Jim Ports stated that they are “nearly 70% complete” in terms of reaching all-electronic tolling for the Bay Bridge by summer.

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