SDAT Filing Process During COVID-19 Outbreak

The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) is adjusting its operating procedures amid the coronavirus pandemic. For filings that are unable to be completed online, SDAT is currently working on a plan for arranging appointments and/or scheduling times for the drop-off of documents and filings.

According to JD Supra:

Currently, SDAT is closed to the public and that is unlikely to change soon. If SDAT is able to arrange appointments or some form of document drop-off process, it will likely not be ready until the beginning of next week. With that said, the only way SDAT is currently accepting filings is by mail or through the online filing platform. The online platform can be used for forming entities, UCC filings, tradenames, address and resident agent updates, and a few cancellations. Filings such as amendments, conversions and mergers, among others, will need to be mailed until an in-person filing or drop-off process is put into place.

SDAT will continue to process expedited filings when they are received by mail and will honor the receipt date as the filing date absent some deficiency in the document. Unfortunately, evidence of filings will likely lag several days behind the date of filing.

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