Rural Broadband Likely Decade-Long Effort in Worcester

ethernet wiresA six-month broadband feasibility study conducted by CTC Technology & Energy found that bringing broadband to the approximately 6,400 homes in rural unserved areas of Worcester County could take a decade.

From The Dispatch:

“We recommend thinking of this as a long-term effort to chip away at the problem to make hopefully incremental but substantial progress over time and to think about this as a multi-year, possibly a decade-long effort, to partner with state, federal and private entities in order to comprehensively solve the problem in a long-term futureproof way,” [Joanne] Hovis [president of CTC Technology & Energy] said.

Hovis added that the lack of infrastructure was a problem all rural communities faced. She said installing infrastructure was only economically viable in places with population density, where costs were lower and revenues were higher.

“The private sector simply doesn’t build where there is not economic viability,” she said.

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