Washington County OKs New Board of Elections Facility

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners today approved the purchase of a facility to serve as a consolidated site for the local board of elections. The approval includes a budget adjustment of $1.4 million — $1.25 million for the purchase of the facility and $150,000 for limited renovations.

The site provides plenty of space for early voting, board offices, training, and equipment storage. “Befitting of the location, the facility, and unanimous vote of favor by Board, those in attendance at the public hearing broke out in applause,” County Administrator Rob Slocum said.

According to Washington County:

The early voting space will offer the opportunity to be used for County meetings and scheduled functions when not in use by the Board of Elections. The former Shop N Save grocery store consists of approximately 32,000 square feet of space.

Read the Washington County news release for more information.