MAIF Briefing on FineFix

Prior to MACo’s Legislative Committee meeting, the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund briefed county officials on the Uninsured Motorist Fine Incentive Program (FineFix). Legislation that passed during the 2018 Session established a new State program to help eligible Marylanders reduce their delinquent uninsured motorists’ fines by 80%, eliminating a significant hurdle to registering and insuring their vehicles. The program only applies to Maryland residents whose fines were delinquent on or before December 31, 2016.

The bill is designed to allow Maryland residents to be in good standing with the MDOT MVA upon payment 20% of the outstanding bill, which can be paid in installment plans for up to six months. This program, which ends December 21, 2019, is similar to the 2017 program but has fewer restrictions. Over 300,000 Maryland residents throughout the state are eligible to participate with the average delinquent fine being around $2,400.