Sun Calls for Support of Trauma-Informed Care Act

depressed teenA piece by the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board urges the Baltimore City Council not only to pass a bill introduced by City Councilman Zeke Cohen but to also back it with a financial commitment to help secure its success.

The Trauma-Informed Care Act would ensure that city employees are properly trained to help youths that have experienced traumatic events.

From the Sun editorial:

We stand behind the idea, which would have employees at all levels of government take into account a person’s traumatic background. Teachers work to calm students down and figure out what is going on in their lives to make them act out rather than throw them out of class. The same could be said about instructors at the city recreation centers. Find a kid help rather then send him back to the streets because he gets too upset over losing a basketball game. Police can deescalate rather than pull a gun and worsen a situation. Social workers help connect families to counseling rather than remove kids from parents.

We only ask that Mr. Cohen and the council make sure the money is there to implement such a bold and life-changing idea.

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