Council President Scott Unveils “Tracker” For Policy Proposals

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott unveiled a user-friendly progress tracking tool to allow residents and stakeholders to monitor the progress of numerous recent procedural and accountability proposals.

Council President Brandon Scott has advanced a series of proposals to promote transparency and responsiveness in City government and Council business, and today has unveiled a one-stop “tracker” to help residents monitor the progress of each component of the plan.


The tracker, hosted online as a shared document with open read access, follows such proposals as “Require Legislation to Have Fiscal and Equity Analysis” and “Strengthen City Ethics Watchdog.” For each item listed, visitors can see a more detailed description of the proposal itself, some of the rationale driving it, and links to the legislation and its progress.

Visit the online Progress tracker document, to see details on the various proposals and their progress to date.

Through social media, Council President Scott made the case for the effort:


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties