Anne Arundel Council Passes Package of Fair Housing Bills

House and KeyA duo of fair housing bills proposed by County Executive Steuart Pittman received the approval of the Anne Arundel County Council.

The bills, which each passed with a 4-3 vote, will protect 17 classes of people from housing discrimination and strengthen the Human Relations Commissions authority to review complaints and violations of the new housing law.

The Capital Gazette reports:

Bill 55-19, prohibits discriminatory housing practices against people based on categories such as age, religion, race, sexual orientation and more. During previous meetings, the bill faced backlash from residents and some County Council members.

The bill [Bill 57-19], which passed with a 4-3 vote, would give the commission the power to impose fines or penalties on property owners it finds discriminated against people seeking housing in the county; order landlords to sell or rent property to the complainant; order them to cease and desist from discrimination; or a combination of all.

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