MD Metro Areas Grade Lowest On Highway Safety

An insurance company study, compiling roadway safety across 200 cities in America, placed Baltimore and Washington DC as its two lowest-rated places for 2019.

allstate-Logo-Color-300x252Allstate’s America’s Best Driver’s Report 2019 profiles the traffic safety statistics for cities across the country – and they find the two major metropolitan areas in Maryland at the very bottom of their list. The rankings are based on claims data from the large national insurer.

From coverage on Fox 45 Baltimore:

Baltimore drivers had an average of 4.2 years between claims (the national average is 10.6), and 30.6 “Drivewise hard-braking events per 1,000 miles” (versus a national average of 19).

Allstate also, for the first time, ranked “Risky Roads” for each city.

Baltimore’s “risky road”? I-695.

In D.C., it was Route 295.

Allstate does note that “generally, top-ranked [safest] cities are less densely populated and in the Western U.S., while many bottom-ranked ones were established earlier in U.S. history, which often means they have older infrastructure.”

See the full report findings on the Allstate website.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties