Name Change: Introducing the Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services

The Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control (DLC) is changing its name to Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS) as of July 1.

The new name is designed to reflect recent changes at the department, including an emphasis on customer service.

According to a press release:

 “Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to improve operations and our reputation, and we are now running like a business,” said Department Director Bob Dorfman. “We’ve brought in new management, invested in new technology and infrastructure, streamlined and updated processes, implemented a marketing department and elevated customer service and communication efforts.”

The new name, ABS, better defines the department’s work. The use of “alcohol beverage” was chosen over “liquor” because the department sells beer and wine in addition to liquor as part of its wholesale and retail operations. The use of “services” instead of “control” is intended to emphasize the customer service-oriented relationships the County department has worked hard to cultivate.

The department’s rebranding also includes a new tagline: A Business of Montgomery County Government.

“This tagline directly reinforces that we think of our organization as a business and are committed to earning our customers’ business each day,” said Dorfman.

The department’s new name required a change in state law. That law was approved by the Maryland General Assembly in its 2019 session and goes into effect on Monday, July 1.

The 25 retail stores operated by ABS will undergo a rebranding effort early this fall.

In 1951, the DLC was established as a County department responsible for the control, regulation and sale of alcohol in Montgomery County. Before that, in 1933, the Liquor Control Board controlled the sale and distribution of alcohol in the County.

For more information, visit the department’s website.

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