LGIT’s Newest Offering: Pass-Through Post-Employment Health Coverage

Looking for a workable solution for retiree and post-65 health care? LGIT now partners with AmWins to help you deliver a flexible offering at no cost to your county.

LGIT Post 65 Ad 2019You know the Local Government Insurance Trust already – built for and owned by its local government members, they offer insurance and loss control services to Maryland local governments. Great rates, great service, and the members retain the excesses that would otherwise be sent back to corporate shareholders.

Did you know they can also help you with retiree health care? Here’s how.

LGIT is working with AmWins, a national leader in flexible health care solutions, to offer a very flexible program for your retirees. The concept is simple:

Your employees, through LGIT, get access to a variety of health care plans built off the Medicare framework, but AmWins manages their deductibles, co-pays, and offerings for you. Your employees and retirees get a customized set of service options, benefit from your government’s buying power, and your county doesn’t get burdened with administration or overhead.

Read the full brochure online.

Ready to learn more?
Contact: Michele Keplinger
LGIT Communications & Member Services Manager
MicheleK@lgit.org | 443.561.1700


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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