NACo Releases Report on Opioid Epidemic in Appalachian Counties

appalachiaThe National Association of Counties (NACo) and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) have released Opioids in Appalachia: The Role of Counties in Reversing a Regional Epidemic.

The report highlights new research on the disproportionate impacts the opioid epidemic has made on the 420 Appalachian counties as well as recommendations for action:

At the turn of the millennium, the opioid overdose death rate for Appalachian counties was roughly equal to that of the rest of the country; by 2017, however, the death rate for opioid overdoses in Appalachian counties was 72 percent higher. The strain opioid misuse places on county governments is particularly pronounced in Appalachian counties due to the relative scarcity of resources available: in 2012, Appalachian counties generated 35 percent less revenue per capita than non-Appalachian counties.

The report offers recommendations for local action on the part of Appalachian county officials discussed in five sections, each of which features key action steps and one or more case studies.

For more information:

Opioids in Appalachia: The Role of Counties in Reversing a Regional Epidemic (NACO Report)