MACo Advocates for Local Input in State-County Projects

MACo’s Research Director, Robin Clark Eilenberg, testified in support with amendments of SB 12, Capital Projects – Inclusion of Public Art, to the Senate Finance Committee on January 23, 2019.

This bill expands a current state-only requirement to now mandate public art in buildings that are only partially funded by the state.

From the MACo testimony,

This legislation may extend a state art program to a wide range of local facilities – including corrections facilities, community centers, and community colleges. MACo does not object to the aim of expanding access to art and enhancing the face of our institutions through installations of public art, but encourages an amendment to allow local input into joint state-county projects.

Under current law, capital projects entirely funded by the State are required to include public art, with a waiver process to accommodate when doing so would prove too costly or not practicable. This bill would expand that general requirement to construction and renovation projects that receive 50% or more state funding.

In cases of joint state-county construction, county participation in the approval process will help ensure program outcomes align with community interests, culture, and local and regional efforts to incorporate art into public institutions. To this end, MACo suggests an amendment to provide a local consideration process roughly parallel to that provided for state agencies.

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