Welcome to County Office – Advice From Veteran Officials

Capture.JPGThe Maryland Association of Counties created the video “Welcome to County Office” to provide newly elected officials advice from veteran officials.

Veteran elected officials that participated in the video:

  • Barry Glassman, Harford County Executive, MACo President
  • Craig Rice, Montgomery County Council Member
  • John Barr, Former Washington County Commissioner, MACo Past President
  • Rikki Spector, Former Baltimore City Council Member, MACo Past President
  • Sheree Sample Hughes, Maryland State Delegate, Former Wicomico County Council Member
  • Steve Arentz, Maryland State Delegate, Former Queen Anne’s Commissioner
  • Todd Turner, Prince George’s County Council Member
  • Laura Price, Talbot County Council Member, MACo Secretary

Questions asked in the video:

  1. What’s the best advice you can offer a newly elected local official?
  2. What was your biggest surprise during your first year as a county elected official?
  3. What has been your most rewarding experience as an elected official?
  4. What would you describe as your biggest challenge as a local elected official?
  5. How do you balance the demands of your full-time employment and family with the responsibilities of your position as an elected official?
  6. What’s the biggest misconception the average citizen has about local elected officials?
  7. What advice can you offer newly elected officials for working with the media?
  8. Please explain the importance of county professional staff in the development and implementation of public policy decisions?
  9. What was one of your successful initiatives or projects and how did you gain support from your colleagues for its approval?
  10. Describe the opportunities for involvement and benefits of being an active member of MACo?

Hear these veterans of county government offer their best advice: www.mdcounties.org/WelcometoCountyOffice2019

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