Learn Lobbying Lessons at #MACoCon

During MACo’s winter conference, county officials will gain a hands-on opportunity to sharpen their policy advocacy skills, in Friday’s “Lobbying 101” session.

With much of the MACo Winter Conference focusing on newly elected officials, the Friday schedule decidedly shifts toward a look ahead. The much-awaited annual General Assembly Forecast will lay out the major topics of the legislative session ahead. And right afterward, at 11am, we will offer The County Official’s Guide to Lobbying in Annapolis.

The workshops will include members of the General Assembly, who will serve as a model “committee” to hear testimony from county officials on selected and topical issues. The workshop’s moderator, a veteran Annapolis lobbyist with years of county advocacy experience, will guide the proceedings, and offer his own tips and observations.

County officials attending the session may engage as participants — the three front tables will be for those who want to be part of the hands-on exercise. Each table will be assigned a policy issue, and a legislator to serve as a guide, as they develop their message. Representatives from each group will then deliver brief model testimony to the “committee,” who will ask questions and offer feedback on the message’s effectiveness.

If you’d like to attend the session, but not participate, extra seating for spectators will also be available.

Don’t miss this chance to sharpen the saw! Circle 11am on your #MACoCon calendar, and dip into the world of advocacy testimony.

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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