Are We There Yet? How New Technology Is Driving Government Policy

Broadband, 5G, and cloud technology are making a mark on the road of government policy.

The Maryland Association of County Information Technology Officers hosts a survey of issues in county government technology. 

From wireless use to cloud-based computing, technology is not only driving cultural change, but also propelling government policy.

As broadband, small cells, and 5G service raise standards for constituents and define economic development resources, cloud-computing expands possibilities for government, including information-sharing services, data-sourcing techniques, and telecommuting. However, these new technologies also expose governments to a new level of cyber-threat.

Learn the basics, and hear more about the push for policy shifts in a survey of contemporary issues in county technology at the MACo Winter Conference.

Session Title: Are We There Yet? How New Technology Is Driving Government Policy

Session Speakers:

  • Mitsuko R. Herrera, ultraMontgomery Program Director, Montgomery County Office of Broadband Programs
  • David Swillum, Kronos Cloud Specialist, Public Sector Kronos Cloud
  • Michael Tanenhaus, CEO, Mavenspire
  • Joseph E. Klausner, Director, Technology Services, Calvert County

Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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