Public Comment Period Open For 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan

The public comment period is now open for the 2040 Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP is a statewide transportation plan that outlines how Maryland will develop and maintain its transportation network for the next 20 years. and guides all transportation projects and investments. The MTP is updated every 5 years.

The draft 2040 MPT outlines seven goals and numerous recommendations on how to achieve those goals. From the 2040 MTP’s webpage:

[MDOT] held an internal MDOT engagement session and has conducted external surveys, including an interactive online survey for Maryland residents to learn about and provide input on their transportation priorities in Maryland. All of these interactions, along with our mission statement and existing plans and programs have helped to shape the development of the draft 2040 MTP goals and objectives.

A goal is a broad statement with a desired result that reflects the overall MDOT mission statement. The objectives are more targeted outcomes within the goal area. Within the goals and objectives, associated performance measures are being developed to evaluate how well we annually achieve the 2040 MTP goals. An advisory committee is working with us to provide recommendations on these performance measures.

Source: Maryland Department of Transportation

Public comments may be to MDOT via email at Public comments are due by November 14.

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