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Based on national data, Maryland county residents have relatively high median mortgage owner costs, with 19 counties in the highest bracket.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) has released data compiling county-by-county statistics on 2016 housing costs. As NACo reports, 64% of all counties nationally have median monthly homeowner costs of more than $1000.

NACo’s data shows the median monthly owner costs for mortgaged housing for all counties in the nation. Housing costs are an important factor in county governance. While high housing costs may help support needed revenues for roads, schools, and other social services, they also may create challenges for maintaining inclusive communities and economic development opportunities.

Maryland appears all blue in NACo’s mapping tool – indicating that all Maryland counties are the the top three highest brackets for housing costs, with median monthly homeowner costs of more than $1,022.

20 of 23 Maryland counties and Baltimore City are dark blue in the map, because they are in the top 20% nationally, with median monthly homeowner costs between $1,303 and $3,294.

For more information, see the National Association of Counties’ County Explorer.

Screenshot 2018-09-28 08.56.36
The coloration of Maryland counties in this capture indicates a relatively high cost of mortgages compared to other counties in the nation.
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