Eastern Shore Primary Election Round Up

Caroline County

In the Republican primary race for County Commissioner incumbents Larry C. Porter ( 25.6%,) and Wilbur Levengood Jr. (17.3%) will advance to the general election to face Nevin Crouse who was unopposed in the Democratic primary race. Incumbent Daniel Franklin (14.9%) is in a tight race for third against political newcomer Frank Bartz (15%). Franklin is down by only 6 votes while 67 Republican absentee ballots remain to be counted. In the State’s Attorneys race, current interim State’s Attorney Joe Riley (R) defeated Maureen D. Keogh (R). Riley is unopposed will be unopposed in the general election as there were no Democratic candidates for State’s Attorney.


In the race for county council, incumbents Don B. Satterfield (District 1) (R), William Nichols (District 2) (D), Ricky C. Travers, Sr. (District 3) (D), and challengers Lenny Pfeffer (District 4) (R) and Libby Handley Nagel (District 5) (R) will advance to the general election. Of the primary winners, only Satterfield faces a race in the general election against Jay Leonard Newcomb (D). The rest are unopposed. State’s Attorney William H. Jones (D) retains his seat having no opposition in the primary or for the general. Sheriff incumbent James W. Phillips, Jr. (D) will face Gregory S. Robbins, Sr. (R) in the general election. Both were unopposed in their respective primaries.


Republican incumbent William Short and candidates Bob Jacob and Tom Mason will advance to the general election for county commissioner where they will face Democratic incumbents William Pickrum and Ron Fithian as well as candidate Thomas F. Timberman. The Republican candidates won 23.2%, 22.9%, and 19.6% of the primary vote respectively, while the Democratic candidates secured 33.7%, 32%, and 34.2% votes respectively. In the State’s Attorney’s race Robert H. Strong (R), who was unopposed in the primary, will face Bryan DiGregory (D) in the general election. DiGregory won 53.6% of the Democratic primary against Andrew C. Meehan.


District 1 incumbent Craig N. Mathies (D) has retained his seat. Mathies was unopposed in the primary election and faces no opposition in the general election. In District 2 primary both the Republican candidate, incumbent Charles Fisher, and Democratic candidate, incumbent Rex Simpkins ran unopposed. They both advance and face off in the general election. District 3 will see Eldon Willing (R) and Deborah Ann Nissley (D), both unopposed in their primaries compete for the seat in the general race. Charles Laird secured victory in the Republican primary for District 4 against Eddie Brimer, and will face Ken Ballard (D), who ran unopposed, in the general election.  In District 5, incumbent Randy Laird (D) will face challenger Mike Corbin (R) in the general election. Both were unopposed in their primaries. Interim State’s Attorney Wess Garner (R) was unopposed in the primary and is unopposed in the general securing his place as Somerset County State’s Attorney.


In a close primary race, Republicans incumbent Chuck Callahan (18.8%), incumbent Corey W. Pack (17.1 %), incumbent Jennifer L. Williams (16.2%), Frank Divilio (16.1%), and incumbent Laura Everngam Price (16%) will advance to the general election. They will face Democrats Keasha N. Haythe (20.5%), Pete Lesher (18.2%), Naomi Hyman (17.8%), Rosalee “Rose” Potter (14.1%) and Maureen Scott-Taylor (14.1%) in the general election. State’s Attorney Scott G. Patterson was unopposed in the primary and is unopposed in the general securing his place as State’s Attorney.


Incumbent County Executive Bob Culver (R), unopposed in the primary election, will face John William Hamilton (D), also unopposed, in the general election. For the at-large seats, Republican Incumbent John T. Cannon and candidate Julie D. Brewington, will face Democratic candidates William R. McCain and Jamaad Gould. In District 1 Democratic primary incumbent Ernest Davis (51.1%) secured his seat against Eugenie Pinkett Shields (40.3%) and Marvin Ames (8.6%). He is unopposed in the general election. In District 2, incumbent Marc Kilmer (R) was unopposed and will face Alexander W. Scott (D) in the general election. Likewise in District 3 incumbent Larry W. Dodd (R) will face Michele Gregory (D), and District 4 Suzanah Cain (R) will face Josh Hastings (D) in the general election. Incumbent Joe Holloway was unopposed in the primary election and will be in the general election, securing his position on the council. Interim State’s Attorney Jamie Dykes (R) will face challenger W. Seth Mitchell (D) in the general election.


Incumbents Diana Purnell (District 2) (D), Madison “Jim” Bunting, Jr. (District 6) (R), and Joseph M. Mitrecic (District 7) (R) will retain their seats as county commissioners having faced no challengers in their primary elections and having none in the general. In the general election, District 1 will see incumbent Merrill W. Lockfaw, Jr. (R) face challenger Joshua C. Nordstrom (D); District 3 will see incumbent Bud Church (R) face challenger Zackery Tyndall (D); District 4 will see incumbent Theodore “Ted” Elder (R) face challenger Virgil L. Shockley; and District 5 incumbent Chip Bertino face challenger Judy Butler. In the State’s Attorney race Kris Heiser (R) beat interim State’s Attorney Bill McDermott (D) winning 51.7% over 48.3% of the vote. Heiser in unopposed in the general election.

MACo’s election coverage and analysis relies, as always, on unofficial results published by the State Board of Elections. Official results will follow, after a full accounting of pending ballots. Given the larger-than-usual expected number of provisional ballots (which would not be included in the unofficial vote total), readers are advised that any close unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead.