Sumpter, From MABE to the State Board of Education

Board 2016 MABE Conference (191).jpg
MABE awarding Warner Sumpter a dedicated service award.  Photo courtesy of Somerset County Schools.

Warner Sumpter, Chair of the Somerset County Board of Education and Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) member, will become a member of the Maryland State Board of Education Tuesday, May 22.

Sumpter was appointed Wednesday, May 16, according to a MABE press release.

Sumpter has served as an MD public education advocate since 2009 and as the chair of the Somerset County Board of Education since 2015.

Among his time as an education advocate, Sumpter has been an active MABE member. He served on the Board of Directors as well as MABE’s Secretary President-Elect and President in the last 5 years. His committee membership includes the Legislative and Budget Committee, MABE’s ad hoc school funding adequacy committee,  MABE’s Nominating Committee Chair, and the MABE representative on the Knott Commission.

MABE President Charles McDaniels said in the press release:

MABE recognizes that Warner Sumpter has been an outspoken and progressive advocate for students throughout Maryland for many years. His leadership as president of MABE brought about important changes, and increased participation in our organization. We are excited about his appointment to the state board and wish him well in his efforts to enhance the educational experience for students, teachers, and administrators in Maryland.