Editorial Offers Ideas for Inclusive Infrastructure Investment

A commentary on the US President’s Infrastructure Plan cites perennial challenges of funding transportation projects that serve the nation’s neediest residents.

In Maryland, historical data shows modest increase in federal transportation funding, with a bump in 2017 as a result of transit capital funding for the Purple Line, according to the Department of Legislative Services.

In general, Maryland has one of the lowest poverty rates in the nation, however, many areas of Maryland continue to be impacted by high poverty levels, according to the Department of Legislative Services. Even county-level data on poverty may obscure statistical realities, such as pockets of poverty within otherwise wealthy jurisdictions.

The News Editor of Route Fifty writes about the hurdles to ensuring that the President’s $200 billion proposed investment in infrastructure reaches under-served communities, stating,

Quick wins are essential for local government to publicly demonstrate its commitment to economic equality, like Prince George’s County, Maryland exceeding its goal of involving minority-owned businesses in contracting.

For more information, see Turning Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Into an Inclusive One from Route Fifty.