Queen Anne’s Seeks Solutions to Bridge Traffic Gridlock

Kent Island residents are frustrated with the congestion on local roads that occurs when Rt. 50 and bridge traffic back up. Queen Anne’s County Commissioners are exploring ways to address residents concerns and alleviate the jams.

Potential solutions include a feasibility study of a connector road and the placement of “Local Traffic Only” and “No Bridge Traffic” signs on local roads.

From a Queen Anne’s County news flash:

County Commissioner Robert Buckey said, the county applied for and received a $50,000 grant to evaluate the feasibility of the connector road from the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board. “The BRTB approved our FY2019 capital budget request in the amount of $50,000 (80-20 federal/local split) to evaluate the feasibility of the Cox Creek Connector road from south Stevensville to South Chester. The feasibility study will look at project cost, right-of-way needs, number of lanes required, limits/length of bridge needed, impacts to sewer pump station, and volume of local traffic that would be alleviated from mainline US 50 backups.”

Another effort to combat traffic congestion on Kent Island’s side roads is a Local Traffic Only sign. State guidelines will not allow such a sign in the their right-of-way, however the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners voted unanimously to place a “Local Traffic Only” and “No Bay Bridge Traffic” sign on a county right of way, on Piney Creek Road adjacent to the Exit 40A off ramp near Gibson’s Grant.

For more information read the full news flash.