President’s Infrastructure Plan: $200b on Feds, Rest on the Rest of Us

On Monday, the Trump Administration unveiled its long-awaited infrastructure plan to Congress. The plan includes $200 billion in federal funds; the rest of the $1.5 trillion in spending is expected from state and local governments, in addition to the private sector.

The plan calls for shortening the federal approvals processes to two years or less, focusing infrastructure needs in rural areas, and encouraging American training opportunities.

CNBC has made the text of the plan available on its website.

Baltimore Sun reporter John Fritze points out that the plan calls attention to divesting federal control over the Baltimore-Washington Parkway – an essential step towards Governor Hogan’s Traffic Relief Plan.

From NPR’s coverage:

…the proposal will not be one that offers large sums of federal funding to states for infrastructure needs, but it is instead a financing plan that shifts much of the funding burden onto the states and onto local governments.

Critics say that will lead to higher state and local taxes, and an increased reliance on user fees, such as tolls, water and sewer fees, transit fares and airline ticket taxes.

Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told NPR’s Steve Inskeep that local governments cannot afford to shoulder any more burden for funding infrastructure than they already do. Listen to the interview here.

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