Take a “Deep Dive” Into Local Government Financial Info

The Department of Legislative Services has released several reports that detail information on local governments, and local effects of the state budget. As always, these reports represent an extraordinarily valuable resource for county officials and financial managers.

Local Government Finances and Demographics

From the introduction:

The Department of Legislative Services has prepared this overview document to provide legislators and the public with a better understanding of the fiscal and social issues confronting local governments in Maryland. Topics discussed in this report include the following:

• Structure of Local Governments
• Demographic Indicators
• Local Government Finances
• Tax Rates for Local Governments
• Local Revenue Growth
• County Salary Actions
• Public School Funding and Student Enrollment
• Local General Fund Balances
• Local Debt Measures
• Balance of State Payments

Overview of State Aid

This report includes detail on virtually every component of state aid to local governments in the proposed FY 19 budget. Most areas are shown county-by-county, with comparisons to the prior year, and with additional analysis reflecting trends or changes important to the programs.

County Revenue Outlook

This report looks at local revenue sources and tax bases, with a variety of comparisons across jurisdictions and over time. Once again, the detail in these analyses makes the report deeply valuable for local professionals and policy makers.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties