Baltimore County Council Elects 1st African American Chair






WYPR 88.1 FM article (2018-01-03) announced that the Baltimore County Council has elected Julian Jones (D) as a the Council’s new chair. Jones is the first African American chosen for the position and will serve in the position for one year. From the article:

Jones talked about “firsts” as he was chosen unanimously in a ceremonial vote to lead the council; “firsts” when it comes to race, religion or gender. But he said when a “first” does happen, you should make a big deal of it.

“It’s important to encourage others, especially our young people to say, ‘Here is an example of what you can do, too,’” Jones said. …

“Tonight’s vote is certainly a reflection of the continued political evolution of Baltimore County,” Council Member David Marks (R) said. “Julian, it’s also a testament to your hard work, your leadership, your work ethic.”

The article also discussed the County’s growing African American population and Jones’ belief that African American candidates would be given a “fair shake” in County elections.