Crack the “Code” Code with Programming Power at #MACoCon

Software can advance a county’s budgeting process, making it more streamlined, efficient, and transparent – or it can encumber the process and add headaches and staff time to an already labor-intensive process. Learn how counties large and small have cracked the “code” code at the Winter Conference session, Programming Power: Technological Tools to Tighten the Budget.

Montgomery County addressed planning its $5.5 billion total operating budget by designing its own software program to streamline and systematize its budgeting process. Meanwhile, Queen Anne’s made its budget more transparent by investing in  Open Data Queen Anne’s County. Learn more about what Queen Anne’s accomplished by watching the video below, and get the full download from budget directors and information technology experts at the MACo Winter Conference.

Title: Programming Power: Technological Tools to Tighten the Budget

Description: In many areas of service, the right software package can prove to be one of a county’s most reliable and beneficial partners. This holds especially true for budget officers, who have identified exceptional technological tools to replace cumbersome legacy systems and business processes. These nimble, powerful, and user-friendly programs can simplify complex webs of databases and systems, saving finance offices hundreds of hours of staff time – and, of course, money. Find out how the right technological tools can streamline your operating and capital budgeting processes, from fellow government officials solely seeking to share the goldmines they’ve found.


  • Jennifer Hughes, Director, Montgomery Office of Budget & Management
  • Scott Coble, Manager, Montgomery Office of Budget & Management
  • Jonathan Seeman, Director, Queen Anne’s Office of Budget, Finance & Information Technology

Date/Time: Thursday, December 7, 2017; 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The MACo Winter Conference will be held December 6-8, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Hotel in Cambridge, Maryland. The conference’s theme is “The Power of Partnership.”

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