DLS: State Workforce Understaffed

Department of Legislative Services (DLS) long-time analyst David Juppe had previously opined that State budget cuts to personnel have adversely impacted State hiring and retention. Now, he’s studying the issue and so far, it appears he’s right.

At the Spending Affordability Committee briefing on Tuesday, Juppe testified that the executive branch has abolished nearly 8,000 positions since 2002, leaving it with less than 50,000. Additionally, the State is understaffed by 1,300 positions, in addition to about 1,200 unfilled vacant positions.

From Fox 45:

[Juppe] says the bulk of the shortages are in the corrections department and the Department of Juvenile Services, as well as the health department. There also are shortages in the Maryland Department of the Environment, state police and the public defender’s office.

He hopes to have a study complete at the end of the year in time for the legislative session.

The analysis provided on Tuesday is available here.