Residents Save Thousands, County Pays Nothing … Too Good To Be True?

Imagine a presentation before your county legislative body… the cost to the county is absolutely zero, but the program can start saving your residents thousands of dollars every month… right away.

Too good to be true?

Try out NACo’s Live Healthy Program. It’s the national association’s sponsored program for discounts on prescription drugs — offering your residents a free membership card that gives them a discounted price at their pharmacy of choice. The card is branded with both the NACo logo and the emblem of your county government — at no cost to your county.

Carroll County alone has saved its residents over $35,000 this year alone in the first seven months of 2017!

The prescription drug program costs your county nothing, costs your residents nothing, and only triggers its discount if that’s the best price available to them as they check out. The Live healthy program also includes additional benefits for your residents, if your county seeks to opt in: low-cost discount programs for dental and medical services:

Prescription Drug Discount Card: Free for Residents
Dental Discount Program: $6.95/month or $69/year for individuals; $8.95/month or $79/year for families
Medical Services: $6.95/month or $69/year for individuals; $8.95/month or $79/year for families

Visit NACo’s Live Healthy US Counties website for more details on the program.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties