Sustainable Growth Commission Updating Reinvest Maryland Policy

A workgroup within the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission is working to update and refine Commission’s Reinvest Maryland Report, which made State and local government recommendations regarding infill, redevelopment, and revitalization. While in development, Reinvest Maryland was originally known as Infill, Redevelopment, and Revitalization (IRR).

The original report, released in October of 2014, included over 60 recommendations broken down into 8 categories:

  1. Establish a Vision for Reinvestment
  2. Create and Better Fund Innovative, Effective Reinvestment Programs
  3. Identify and Address Regulations and Policies That May Impede Reinvestment
  4. Deploy Targeted Financial Tools
  5. Promote Equitable Development
  6. Encourage Excellence in Community Design and Preservation
  7. Use Metrics to Gauge Success and Provide Accountability
  8. Accelerate Transit-Oriented Development

The original report was supported by MACo.

The workgroup is updating the report to reflect current programs, land use practices, and economic development needs. The updated report will also better highlight programs and recommendations applicable to urban, suburban, and rural growth areas. County representatives on the workgroup include MACo Legal and Policy Counsel Les Knapp and Garrett County Planning and Land Management Director Deborah Carpenter.

Currently, workgroup meetings are occurring every two weeks prior to the Commission’s full meeting on May 22 in Frederick, MD. For further information, please contact Les Knapp at 410.269.0043 or

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