Daily Record Reports Joan Carter Conway Considering Leaving Senate

A Daily Record article (2017-03-30) reported that Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee Chair Joan Carter Conway is considering whether to leave the Senate. The article noted that Conway has considered such a move before and there is no identified timeline for her to make the decision. Were Conway to leave, it would create an institutional knowledge gap in the Senate and represent the loss of a powerful voice for Baltimore City. The article noted that Conway has served in the Senate for the last 21 years. From the article:

Rumors circulated this week that Conway, who had just lost a tough fight on a bill to alter the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Agency’s procurement process, was boxing up her office, taking down photos that had been hung on the wall, and telling people her last day would be Friday. …

Others expressed skepticism saying she had done or said this kind of thing before and always returned. …

“This has nothing to do with anything [that has happened during Session] down here,” Conway said, restating it was about her own personal commitment.

“My mom is 94,” she said. “I have family members with health issues.”

Conway said she had not established a timeline for her departure but thought about leaving on her birthday — April 5, just five days before the end of session. She said she also has had dreams about [former Maryland Senator Clarence] Blount, her mentor, and her promises to him even as she considers her next step and the needs of her family.

“No, I really don’t have a timeline,” Conway said. “It could be Sine Die (the last day of session). I could be back in January. It’s all about personal commitment.”