MACo Testimony Encourages Amendment to Electric Vehicle Bill

MACo Associate Director, Barbara Zektick, provided written testimony in opposition to Senate Bill 302, “Vehicle Laws – Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicles – Reserved Parking Spaces,”  before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on February 7, 2017.

This bill would create a statewide scheme for enforcing parking spaces set aside for plug-in electric drive vehicles. Counties are concerned that the bill as introduced would unwisely limit enforcement options. However, the bill sponsor agreed to offer amendments that would address MACo’s concerns, allowing MACo to drop its opposition.

From MACo testimony:

MACo does not contest the effort to make this violation a statewide offense. In fact, many counties already enforce this under local laws. However, terms of the bill requiring local governments comply with towing provisions applicable to private parking lot owners under Subtitle 10A of Maryland Vehicle Law, Title 21, have the unintended consequence of prohibiting local governments from being able to enforce the terms of this bill in many cases.

MACo provided oral testimony on cross-filed House Bill 0036 when it was heard in the House Environment and Transportation Committee on January 26.

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