Follow the Happenings of the PIA Compliance Board

The Maryland Public Information Act Compliance Board (PIACB) hears challenges to fees charged by record custodians, including state and local governments, for the production of records under the Public Information Act (PIA). The disputed fee amount must be at least $350 and the PIACB has the authority to uphold, decrease, or abrogate the disputed fee. The local government representative on the 5-member panel (chosen jointly by MACo and the Maryland Municipal League) is currently Baltimore City Labor Commissioner Deborah Moore-Carter.

Non-fee disputes, such as abusive or overbroad requests or a custodian’s response to a PIA request can be referred to the State’s Public Access Ombudsman for mediation.

If you wish to receive meeting notices and other announcements from the PIACB, please contact PIACB Administrator Janice Clark at

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