Advocates, Local Governments Brief Committee on Problem Properties

Representatives of the Community Development Network (CDN), Maryland Association of Counties (MACo), and Maryland Municipal League (MML) briefed members of the House Environment and Transportation Committee on vacant, blighted, and abandoned properties on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

The report, Documenting the Vacant, Abandoned, Blighted Property Problem in Maryland, details the results of a survey administered by the aforementioned associations on issues ranging from the prevalence of blighted properties, and use of registries for vacant or foreclosed properties, to the frequency of tax sale. From the report:

Local governments across the state face challenges related to vacant and abandoned properties. This document summarizes survey responses from local officials about issues and challenges they face related to blighted properties. The survey results make clear that:

  • Municipalities want more notice and more information to address blight in their areas.
  • Local governments are not fully equipped to adequately address blighted properties.
  • While foreclosures are prevalent, some municipalities are also dealing with absentee landlords and investors who do not take care of their properties.
  • Smaller municipalities want more tools to address issues related to vacant properties

Natasha Mehu, Associate Director for MACo, testified along side Odette Ramos, Executive Director of CDN, and Candance Donoho, Director of Government Relations for MML at the briefing.

For more information read the Documenting the Vacant, Abandoned, Blighted Property Problem in Maryland report.