LGIT Helps After St. Mary’s “Ransomware” Attack

Following a recent cyber attack on St. Mary’s County government, county professionals were aided by the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) in the reaction. LGIT offers its members a no-cost Cyber Insurance Program, reacting to a demand from governments who are all too often targets of cyber threats.

stm-it-quoteCoverage of the cyber attack ran earlier this month in the St. Mary’s County Times, indicating “ten employees… were involved throughout the weekend (after Thanksgiving) and into the following week trying to restore the system.” The county reported that while the cyber attack managed to encrypt certain government computers, systems were successfully restored from backups and “no data was accessed from any of our servers.”

Read the full St. Mary’s County County Times article online.

In correspondence with LGIT, St. Mary’s County representatives noted “In this recent ransomware event, the Adjuster and Privacy Counsel was involved immediately to advise and prepare the appropriate notification required for County Employees and the citizens of St. Mary’s County, whether a regulatory requirement or voluntary notice.”

The County, by virtue of belonging to LGIT for its primary liability coverage, received numerous coverages:

  • A 24-hour data breach hotline
  • Immediate access to engage a privacy attorney to determine legal actions and response
  • Computer forensics
  • Public Relations or crisis communications professionals, if needed
  • Establishing a call center, if needed
  • credit or identity theft monitoring, if needed
  • Enrollment in the coverage also includes many pre-event services including resources, regulatory information, and articles on Cyber Risk.

    LGIT-logo-CLGIT is a member-owned association authorized by state law, wholly owned and managed by its local government members. The Trust’s main purpose is to provide joint self-insurance programs or pools for towns, cities and counties in the State of Maryland. The concept is simple – rather than paying premiums to buy insurance from an insurance company, local governments contribute those premiums into a jointly owned fund. The money in that fund is used to pay for the members’ claims, losses and expenses.

    MACo co-founded LGIT in 1987, and LGIT continues to support MACo as a Gold Corporate Partner.

    Michael Sanderson

    Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties
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